How Flow Forms Revitalise Water?

Water is essential to life on earth. In ancient times water was considered to be the link between the material and the spiritual, regarded as a conscious substance. Today, water is increasingly cut off from its natural state, which comes into being through the waters engagement with the environment, such as bubbling down a mountain stream or seeping down into porous soil after rainfall. The natural water-cycle has always maintained water’s quality, but this process is being disrupted by excessive pollution, which is diminishing the regenerative capabilities of the earth.

Rudolf Steiner and Victor Schauberger perceived water as the ‘blood of the earth’, they understood the water cycle to be equivalent to blood circulation in the human body. The Gaia hypothesis formulated by James Lovelock proposes that living organisms interact with their inorganic environment to form a self-regulating and synergistic relationship that maintains the conditions for life on the planet. ` The stability of the hydrosphere is key to sustaining a habitable planet.

“The fact that the arrangement of rivers and seas has just as great a significance for the earth is generally not considered at all. It is not usually realised that water actually forms the blood circulation of the earth. Why is this not realised as a rule?”

— Rudolf Steiner (Cosmic Working In Earth and Man, The Circulation of Fluids in the Earth)

“We must look into unknown dimensions, into Nature, into that incalculable and imponderable life, whose carrier and mediator, the blood of the Earth that accompanies us steadfastly from the cradle to the grave, is water.”

— Victor Schauberger

The flow forms designed by John Wilkes, replicate patterns and forms present in nature to harmonise, invigorate, and heal the water. The water transitions through the vessel rhythmically, generating pulsing and swinging movements.

Water that has travelled through a flow form is significantly higher in oxygen and can sustain an oxygenated state of memory for longer than other oxygenating processes. It seems as if the symmetrical, and nature-inspired vessels communicate with the water in a way it can resonate with.

biodynamic flow forms water

“Without any kind of chemical changes, the same H2O, can be poison or it can be the elixir of life, depending upon what kind of memory it carries.”

— Sadhguru

Using Flow Forms For The Biodynamic Preparations

Following similar principles to the flow forms the three biodynamic field spray preparations and compost preparation valerian 507 (the only liquid compost preparation) are all diluted in water and stirred methodically to increase vitality. The hour stirring substantially increase the oxygen levels in the water, and it is theorized that the memory of the biodynamic preparation embeds itself into the structure of the water.

The biodynamic preparations were invented by Rudolf Steiner, and have developed further over the last 100 years. Many biodynamic practitioners will use the flow forms to stir the preparation into the water in a way that is most in line with the cosmic and natural forces. Much scientific and spiritual research that has gone into understanding which shaped vessel is best for the purpose of stirring the preparations, you can read the paper ‘Flowform Design for Biodynamic Preparations‘ by the Foundation For Water here.

At the end of the paper, the researcher suggests that flow forms could also be used for mix medicines, this made me think of a whole range of potential uses, that I would be very interested in learning more about. I believe drinking water could be enlivened through the use of a flow-form, the water that reaches your tap must have travelled through countless bends, and corners, through a plastic or lead pipe after being mechanically and chemically treated at the water treatment facility.

The Indian mystic Sadhguru believes that water has a memory. For the water to reach your home, it has picked up many bad memories, and the water becomes filled with negative energy. Our bodies consist of 72%, so isn’t the energy of the water that we consume of vital importance. Sadhguru recommends keeping the water in a cooper vessel overnight before drinking.

We need to refresh our understanding of water, so we can treat water in a way to bring out its natural qualities. Our world and our health depend upon this, more than 800 million people across the planet don’t have access to clean water, and the supply of potable water is becoming scarcer and scarcer.

Cities across the world are having to drill deeper and deeper to find sources of water that were once plentiful. In India today there is only 18% of what was available in 1947.

Water is essential to our survival. Soil quality around the planet draws some parallels with the devastating water situation. When we neglect the complexity of the soil structure, refusing to acknowledge it as a living entity, it becomes solely a commodity that is pillaged, until all is left of the once fertile soil is lifeless dust. Water is chemical, organic, but there is also an energetic component that shouldn’t be overlooked. We need to change our perception of water to deal with the water crisis.

“To restore water to this original qualitative state is not simply a matter of chemical and physical manipulation. This action needs to be supported by specific treatments affecting water’s energetic qualities such as potentizing (used in homoeopathy) and rhythmical movement.”

— The Water Foundation

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