In February 2024 I began writing daily biodynamic messages for Tetragrammton, a website of art, film, and inspiration curated by legendary music producer Rick Rubin. You can read me daily biodynamic message on their website.

In January 2022, I became a full-time Horticulture Tutor at Ruskin Mill providing a therapeutic education to students on the land.

In October 2020, I became a Biodynamic Trainee at Ruskin Mill Trust. I am doing a two-year course in biodynamics which is called the Growing The Land, Growing People. Over the last few years, like so many around me. I became concerned by the growing instability in the world, and in response, I have been wanting to learn more about where our food comes from, and how to produce it in a humane, and sustainable way.

In May 2017, I learned about biodynamics for the first time volunteering in Sardinia. My friend Giovanni followed the biodynamic calendar for planting and would read a Rudolf Steiner lecture every day. I spent about three years in Sardinia and even created an online tourist guide. I left Sardinia in 2020 following the beginning stages of the coronavirus crisis, and Brexit. I decided to spend some years closer to my family, and friends.

Biodynamics had been a part of my life in Sardinia, yet once I arrived back in England, it dawned on me how little I knew about it.

This website shares my experiences learning about biodynamics, I am going to write more informative articles once I have got my head around some of the main concepts, and have actually applied the ideas myself in the garden.

If you would like to contact me please email: hello@biodynamictrainee.com