The Pioneers Of Biodynamics

Alex Podolinsky

Alex Podolinsky was a well-known and respected figure in biodynamic agriculture in Australia and beyond. He was widely recognized for his contributions to the development and practical application of biodynamic farming methods, including his creation of the Prepared Horn Manure 500.

Dennis Klocek

Dennis Klocek is a lifelong biodynamic gardener, alchemist, and observer of the weather.

Alan Chadwick

Alan Chadwick an English master gardener, was a leading innovator of organic farming techniques and an influential educator in the field of biodynamic/French intensive gardening.

Maria Thun

Maria Thun was an authority on biodynamics and dedicated her life to the research and application of Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophical philosophy.

Lili Kolisko

Lili Kolisko was a Biodynamic pioneer who worked together with Dr Rudolf Steiner, but spent her final years in the United Kingdom.

Eugen Kolisko

Ehrenfried Pfeiffer

Glen Atkinson

Karl Konig

Hugo Erbe

Enzo Nastati

Manfred Klett

Nicolas Joly

Herbert Koepf

John Soper

Katherine Castelliz