Thoughts On How To Bring Biodynamics Into The Public Consciousness

Biodynamics remains outside the awareness of the majority of people. I didn’t discover biodynamics or come across any Demeter products until 2020.

I often find myself explaining biodynamics to new people. I also think my family and friends outside my current Ruskin Mill/Stroud bubble find it challenging to understand biodynamics concepts, so I have only gone as far as to give a brief outline.

I don’t think they are interested. That’s fine.

In the world, some people would resonate with the biodynamic approach but haven’t been exposed to it yet.

Biodynamics brings with it the concept of the farm organism, giving back to nature, as much or more that we take, and following natural rhythms of nature. These three concepts at a glance, tick so many boxes.

Biodynamics may be growing incrementally. But it remains incredibly niche. The adoption of biodynamic ideas is needed as soon as possible. I believe it offers an opportunity to challenge the multifaceted global and societal issues we can feel coming our way.

I visited Limeburn Hill Biodynamic Vineyard near Bristol for a wine tasting.

I would say the majority of people who came did not know much about biodynamics. They came to try wines, and the wines were able to speak for themselves, as did the balanced landscape. Robin the winemaker was also about to speak elequanty about biodynamic ideas in a very approachable way.

Biodynamic research is catching up. Perhaps, copper chloride sensitive testing comparing food grown biodynamically and not biodynamically can give people a visual understanding of what biodynamics is about.

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