Valley Landscape Thoughts

  • Develop routines: Blue Books 30 minutes before lunch/end of the day (students put away/clean tools)
  • An area for cleaning tools should be built closer to the tool shed, where it can drain into the market garden. This will help build routines
  • Keep the valley tidy, this allows students to focus on individual tasks. Chaotic environments can be overwhelming, especially to autistic students
  • Staff should discuss a weekly plan, for the following week. Matching students with valley landscape tasks. This allows us to prioritize jobs. The students will also sense the meaning of tasks through the staffs preparedness. It also allows staff to plan and obtain everything needed for the task
  • Growing vegetables should be an important aspect of the valley, maybe experiementing with one off vegetables and fruits for the cafe
  • Strimming/motor tools should be used students that are trained and want to use them
  • The office should be locked, many students find the laptop and then cannot leave
  • We should try and work together as a team, if the students get along with eachother creating a sense of misson (which I have seen on the farm)
  • Compost making should be set as a priority, and students should be encourage to help make them/turn them
  • 25 pairs of high quality cut proof gloves should be bought
  • Broken or damaged tools should be fixed, donated, or thrown away.
  • We should try and maintain exisiting projects, before developing new ones
  • Tea making should be continued in the shed, maybe soap making could be developed
  • We should create an area to keep a small metal drum for burning wooden waste materials

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