My Reflections After Two Years Of Biodynamics

In October last year I wrote My Reflections After One Year Of Biodynamics. Noting that “A Farmer Grows With His Farm”, “The Important Of Observing And Knowing What To Do When”, and that “Biodynamic Food Tastes Better And Is Probably The Most Nutritious”.

A year later, its time to reflect again.

I have enjoyed continuing my exploration of biodynamics over the last year. From finishing the two year biodynamic training course, I feel I have a fuller picture of biodynamics. Learning about the concept of the farm organism, brought many of the ideas of biodynamic together for me. The farm organism for me is the most important revelation from the agriculture course, and is a good way to introduce biodynamics to someone for the first time.

Faith has been a large part of the last two years, as its too short a time to be able to fully experience the qualities of biodynamics first hand. However, I can say that the biodynamic method produces the tastiest food, that biodynamics agriculture cares deeply about the health of the soil, and cares for the well-being of its animals beyond any comparable system.

I want to look into the research that is being conducted into the quality of biodynamic food, the health of biodynamic soil, the preparations, and planting by the moon. While also conducting my own research. I have a desire to understand biodynamics from a scientific standpoint, alongside my spiritual understanding of biodynamics.

I am exploring the possibility of producing a documentary on biodynamics, partly to find answers to my own questions, and partly to spread the method of biodynamics to others around the world. It was by chance that I stumbled across biodynamics, so I want to create a film to introduce biodynamics to as many people as possible.

I look forward to another year.

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