Growing The Land: A Biodynamic Documentary

About The Documentary

A documentary exploring how biodynamics is being used across the UK, and Europe. Featuring interviews from growers, farmers, educators, wine makers, scientists, nutritionists, and beekeepers (including Ruskin Mill staff.) 

The documentary will be released in 2024, 100 years after the agriculture course. It will be available to everyone interested through YouTube and other free streaming platforms, but could also be premiered prior to general release. 

The purpose of the documentary is to disseminate biodynamics ideas to a wider target audience - with a target of 500,000 views within the first year. It will explore the core concepts of biodynamics through interviews, and farm tours with 15-20 people, projects, business that are using biodynamics.

The documentary will show a journey of progression, collectively discovering what biodynamics is, how it works, and why it works. It will explore current research and studies into biodynamics such as the Copper Chloride studies being done in the Netherlands, and the Fibi long-term trials in Switzerland. Perhaps retracing all the way back to Koberwitz. 

It will balance atmospheric footage of biodynamics, with insightful knowledge from leading biodynamic practitioners.

This documentary was made possible with funding from the following organisations